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A little Bio of Phonemandave....

Although having an interest in old telephones since childhood compounded by watching Sheriff Andy Taylor using his candlestick phone, it wasn't until 1986 that I purchased my first antique telephone. This life changing experience occurred in a small antique shop located in Dewey, Arizona where I paid way too much. As with many collectors, this first phone was a single box wood wall phone with cathedral top and picture frame front. Upon learning some parts were not original or correct for the phone resulted in my first project and then I caught the phone bug.

About My Collection....

Since then, I have amassed a small but attractive collection of which I am very proud. Here's a peek at my "Phone Corner" where I work and display much of my collection.

Phonemandave workspace Phonemandave telephone display
Phonemandave wall display Candlestick Phones on Display at Phonemandave Phonemandave Display case of Candlesticks
Desktop telephone display at Phonemandave Various mouthpieces on display at Phonemandave Novelty telephones from Phonemandave

What Attracts Me....

My interest lies in almost ALL makes or models dating from the late 1800's thru the 1940's, but upon viewing my site, you will see I am partial to Western Electric, Stromberg-Carlson and Keystone. My interest lies not only in the phones themselves, but also in parts and memorabilia as well. I am particularly attracted to all types/styles of dials, mouthpieces and number card holders.

I have selected some of my favorite telephones to display on this site. All are completely original and correct with the exception of a few reproduced cords and base covers. A small number of these phones having a rough original finish have been professionally re-nickeled or repainted.

While viewing the phones displayed on this site, take notice of various styles and examples of glass, porcelain, and specialty mouthpieces-of which there are quite a few. Also, notice the examples of number card holders, receivers and dials. I update my site often, so please check back and enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

You are welcome to e-mail me or phone (208) 512-3991 with any questions.