Phonemandave Presents Western Electric Desk Stands

The Western Electric Desk Stand, better known as Candlestick, style phones were initially brass with nickel plating and later painted rather than plated to save money. It is believed black enamel paint was used exclusively, although I have heard of other colors, but never seen any. Contrary to many candlesticks "for sale" out there having a brass finish, none were placed in use with brass showing.

Depending on what you call them, Handset Mounts or Cradle Sets or Desk Phones, were made from various metals depending on the model and then painted. Colored models were available from the earliest dates of production.

Finding exceptional examples in good original displayable condition is always difficult. Most examples of nickel plated candlesticks and desk sets all have original paint. ALL parts are correct and original other than a few new cloth cords.

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#10 Tapered Shaft

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c. 1899-1902 - Nice looking #10 having perch stamped on side rather than on back, equipped with a 7-digit beveled faceplate, early 1885 dated back cup and unusual pony receiver.

Additionally, it is sporting a very old oxblood red mouthpiece of an unknown manufacturer. I have never seen another come close to this stunning color. It is my favorite non-glass mouthpiece.

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I display this rare pony style receiver because it could have been found with this phone. It is an early Western Electric bipolar 2-piece pony produced from 1894 - 1900. This one has a beautiful brown hue as a result of more than a century of aging.

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Shown here is the #10 sitting on top of a wall mounted Type 5 magneto box, wired to a #13 induction coil that is rack mounted and #43F extension ringer. This is an example of how one might find a WE #10 before or around 1900. The Type 5 mag box was designed to sit a candlestick telephone on top. I purchased the setup some years ago (excluding the #10) from a gentleman who used it as a teaching tool in his classroom. NOTE: The wiring shown is for display and not accurate.


There is much discussion surrounding the specifics of the Western Electric #22's & 20B's. Personally, I have grouped them into earlier, mid and later categories, although not set in stone, and noting there are additional variations not discussed well as variations of the variations. This is just my way of identifying various notable differences in these models during production.

I can say for certain that the earlier style #22 had an unmarked perch & base, the base equipped with a screw on cord grommet and cast iron "crows foot" style stem bolt and side tube mounted switch rack. Some noted exterior differences in later style #22's are the perch marked with a 22 and pot metal "crows foot" style stem bolt and base cover configuration.

Earlier 20B's I have come across have been virtually the same configuration as the later #22's with the exception of the perch marking and changes in the switch plate configuration. Later variations of the 20B's have differences in the perch changing from the Hershey kiss type to solid type, various perch markings, marked base with pop-in grommet and later style stem bolt that anchors the switch rack and base cover.

Another couple notable changes include the thumbwheel used to adjust the perch was 1-1/8" diameter on earlier #22 models changed to a smaller 7/8" diameter. Additionally, on early #22's, the lug that attached the perch to the transmitter cup had a beveled edge and was replaced with the common style having a distinct flat edge.

I am unaware when these size/shape changes occurred, although likely early on the #22 production.

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#22 Desk Stand (Earlier Style)

Western Electric #22 Desk Stand/Milk Glass Whisper It Mouthpiece Side View of #22 Desk Stand with Very Rare Mouthpiece Close Up of faceplate with Milk Glass Whisper It Mouthpiece #122 Marked Pony Receiver

c. 1902-1904 - Earlier type Unmarked Hershey Kiss Perch. 7-Digit faceplate. Threaded bakelite cord grommet. Equipped with a very rare milk glass Whisper It mouthpiece.

Cast Stembolt (Early) A Base Cover B

A)-Earlier cast iron "crows foot" style stem bolt.                B)-Wood/metal sided base cover

#22 Desk Stand (Later Style)

Click for Detail

c. 1902-1904 - Later type Marked Hershey Kiss Perch stamped with 22. Threaded bakelite cord grommet.

NOTE: A glass Flint Sanitary Mouthpiece with the Telephone Pole in the glass.

Click for Closeup A Click for Larger View B

A)-Later pot metal "crows foot" style stem bolt                   B)-Wood/metal sided base cover                               

The pictures below display the markings on both the transmitter and receiver cap. The transmitter is marked WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY D6432, and although well worn, the receiver is marked WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY D4572. D# designations were apparently used for evaluation in the field. Likely, the receiver and uninsulated transmitter were prototypes/test models of some sort. The transmitter likely prior to the insulated 323 or 339 types.
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#20B Desk Stand

#20B Early Production Model Deskstand Back View Close-up of Marked Hershey Kiss style perch Close-up of base Close-up of Whisper It glass mouthpiece

c. 1903-1912 - Early-production model. "20-B" stamped into "Hershey Kiss" style perch. Base has no markings with early screw-in type cord grommet.           Side screw in shaft.

Note: 7-digit flat face transmitter with "Whisper It" glass mouthpiece.

#20B Desk Stand

Larger View Closeup of stamped perch detail of crowsfoot type stembolt

c. 1903-1912 - Early-production model. "20-B PATENT APPLIED FOR" stamped into "Hershey Kiss" style perch. Unmarked base with pop-in bakelite cord grommet. Side screw in shaft. Early crowsfoot type stembolt. This phone is in pristine original condition including original cords.

The mouthpiece is a "STERLING SANITARY MOUTHPIECE" one of my favorites.

#20B Desk Stand

#20S Deskstand Close-up of Stamped Perch Whispering Glass Mouthpiece

c. 1903-1912 - Mid-production model, model number and patent dates stamped into solid type perch.

Note: "Whispering Glass" mouthpiece.

#20C Desk Stand

Click for larger view Back Cup

c. 1903-1907 - Mid-production model, model number and patent dates stamped into solid type perch.

This more difficult to find model 20C outwardly looks identical to the 20B. Notice the interesting back cup grommet having fins around the edge, I assume, to assist in placement and removal. Second style 143 receiver.

Western Electric #20B Desk Stand

#20B Deskstand Courtesy Coin Box 7-Digit OST Receiver #20B Transmitter with Red Cross Mouthpiece

c. 1903-1912 - Later production model with perch stamped 20B & patent dates stamped into base. Solid perch, 7-digit OST receiver, courtesy coin box, rare 128A nickel number card holder, "Original mint Red Cross mouthpiece"

Western Electric #22 - #20B - #20S Desk Stand

WE #22 - #20B - #20S Deskstand Side View Top View of Transmitter

c. 1902-1912 - Started life as a #22 - updated to 20B - updated to 20S. Hershey Kiss perch, MAXIM glass mouthpiece, early number card holder.