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Keystone Co. of Philadelphia Memorabilia

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1910 Keystone of Philadelphia Catalog

Cover Page

To view entire catalog, click on cover page at the left.

These copies of pages from a 1910 catalog were provided to me ages ago and represent various types of apparatus and equipment available to Keystone customers in 1910. Some models shown I am not aware of anyone currently owning...or even seen.

(If anyone knows of any items pictured in this catalog which could be made available for purchase, I would appreciate letting me know.)

Keystone Business Related Document Page

To Read Document-Click Here-Be patient while downloading
c 1907-1908 - Here is the 567th page from a document labeled "Industrial Securities". It describes information relating to Keystone Telephone Co of Phila and appears this document was printed sometime between 02/1907 and 07/1908. It mentions the date Keystone was formed as November 12, 1902.

Keystone Rate Card

Keystone Rate Card Front Rate Card Back

c. unknown - An interesting note: My main purpose for displaying this card (other than it's Keystone) is that some believe that Keystone handled business accounts only.   I have always disagreed for the simple reason my family had Keystone (before I was born). This rate card makes the case pretty solid.

According to the scribble on the card, someone got 30 days for free.

Keystone Stock Certificate

Stock Certificate Worthless Note

c. 1926 - 4 shares of Keystone Telephone Co. of Phila. stock. Someone at sometime printed the word WORTHLESS in the upper left corner.

1927 Phone Directory

Close-up View Click Picture Click here for close-up Click Here for Close-up

From Keystone Telephone Co. of Philadelphia - Note vehicles in adds.

Ink Blotters

To see detail, click on picture Click for Close-up Click thumbnail for larger view
These 7 ink blotters are in very nice condition. All display dial candlesticks which would place production sometime in the 1911 -  1923 range.

NOTE:  Back in the days when everyone used quill pens and fountain pens, the one thing that could be found on every office or writing desk was an ink blotter. Ink blotters were usually made of a soft absorbent paper formed into a card and were used to dry up excess ink.

With the invention of ballpoint pens in the 1950's, ink blotters disappeared from the average office desk.

Keystone Annual Banquet Photographs

1915 Banquet - Click for Closeup 1916 Pioneers Banquet
c 1915-1916 - Keystone Telephone Company Pioneers banquet photos. Looks like 1915 was the first, followed by another in 1916. Wonder if there were anymore? Pictures of Hotel Majestic Hotel & Kugler's Restaurant can be found on the net.

Keystone Map of Service and Coverage

For close-up detail-Click Here
c. Unknown - This appears to be a map that denotes Keystone of Phila coverage. It is tri-folded and it's use is not known to me. Paper is old and fragile. Names and locations are interesting.

Annual Report and Map of the Keystone Telephone Co. of Philadelphia

1909 Report Title Page 1909 Maps Page 1 of 1909 Annual Report Earnings from 1909 Annual Report

c. 1909 - Annual report with map. Measures 6"X9" closed. Very informative document. Gleaned from this report are a few things worth noting. In 1909 Keystone had 30,000 telephones in Philadelphia and surrounding area compared to 17,000 in 1905. Additionally, they had just expanded with cable under the Delaware River providing more extensive service to Camden and South Jersey.

Brass Doorknob

Closeup Brass Doorknob Brass Doorknob with Stem

From Keystone Telephone Co. Central Office