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Gold Employee Lapel Pin

From Keystone Telephone Co. - Employee lapel pin.

Keystone Pay Station Sign

c. 1900's - Porcelain coated steel sign would identify the location of a public payphone. Measures approx 8 1/4" X 8 1/4". Usually the sign was displayed to inform the public of a payphone located nearby or attached to the telephone booth. These signs are very difficult to find in any condition.

Keystone 2 Sided Paystation Flange Signs

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c. 1900's - Two samples of 2 sided porcelain signs that would identify the location of a public payphone. They measure approx. 18"x16" and 17"x19". The sign with "BOOTH SERVICE" on the bottom is unusual as well as the scrolling along the sides of each. Although well worn, difficult signs to find.

Bakelite Letter Opener

BakeLite Letter Opener

Advertising/Promotional Novelty from Keystone Telephone Co.

Early Telephone Line Switch

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c. 1900 - This switch has exposed, early style, binding posts that are likely pre 1900. Could have been used about the time of the conception of Keystone Telephone Co. of Philadelphia.

Early Telephone Line Switch

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c. early 1900's - Early telephone line switch, used to enable two phones to be switched between one line, or one phone to be switched between two incoming lines.

Keystone Telephone Co. of Philadelphia Intercom

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c. 1910's - Measures 8 7/8" X 6 5/8" - Not only is this Intercom interesting because it is marked Keystone, but additionally it is part of an intercom system with the novel feature of being able to receive calls from outside the premises, and to put them on Hold. I have no idea who manufactured it and am not able to open without damaging the instruction paper.