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Illustrated Booklet of 24 Pages

Closeup of cover and dial inset

c. 1923 - This booklet discusses the automatic switching equipment at various office locations. - NOTE: What I find interesting is the front and back cover which depicts the Main Exchange and the Race Exchange buildings. Notice both locations are displayed on the telephone dial centers.

Keystone Business Envelope

Front of Keystone Telephone Co. Business Envelope Back of Keystone Telephone Co. Business Envelope Closeup of Keystone Telephone Co. Return Address Closeup of Sesqui-Centennial Stamp on back of Keystone Telephone Co. Envelope

c. 1925-6 - This envelope is special as it was used in celebration of the Sesqui-Centennial (1926) of Philadelphia.

Keystone Envelope

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Unused stamped envelope. Likely provided by Keystone with communication requiring a response.

Keystone Employee's Insurance Policy

Click here for closeups of both documents Life Insurance Policy

c. 1925 - It appears the Keystone Co. of Phila. provided their employees with life insurance. This policy is in the amount of $700.
I find it interesting that an insurance policy by Travelers Insurance even has a Keystone logo on it.

1927 Keystone Red Book

Very small. Measures 2 3/8" X 3 1/8" - Inside first page top reads MEMORANDA with the rest of the pages blank for entries.

The Keystone Telegraph and Telephone Company

Paper receipt dated Jan. 19, 1901 - Norristown/Pottstown, PA.

I have researched this item and come up a blank. The date is 1901 and Keystone Tele Co of Pa. began business in 1902. I have no record of Keystone Tele Co of Phila. ever reaching as far as Norristown serving Pottstown. I can find evidence of the Keystone State Telephone & Telegraph Co. and Eastern Telephone & Telegraph Co. which were apparently controlled/owned by Keystone Tele Co. of Phila. after 1902. Any information appreciated.

Automatic (dial) Service Introduction and Directions & Rates Pamphlet

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c. 1919/1921 - Note pamphlets picturing dial candlesticks. They are Automatic Electric models with the "A" in the switchhook having an early "sunburst" type dial. Likely very early examples with the sunburst center later being replaced with the porcelain Keystone disc and the "A" hook replaced with the Keystone.

1940 Original Press Photo

c.1940 - This is an original press photo measuring 6.25" x 7.25", likely for a Philadelphia newspaper. The kids are using a Keystone dial candlestick.