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Keystone Telephone Company Dial Desk Stand

c. 1930's - Later card stock dial center with integrated number card under celluloid.

Keystone Subscriber Set

Very Rare Keystone Subscriber Set Keystone Logo from Subscriber Set

c. 1905 - 1915'ish - Cast Iron - VERY RARE!

Keystone Subscriber Set

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c. 1930's - Manufactured by Automatic Electric for Keystone. The exterior wood painted black seems to be a Keystone trademark.

Keystone Telephone Company #1 Monophone

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c. 1925 - This model is known as the Automatic Electric #1 Monophone identified by its bakelite base, long cradle neck and surface-mounted dial. (Compare to the Western Electric AA1). This phone and subscriber set are displayed in the same condition as when removed from service. The telephone/subset were manufactured by Automatic Electric Co. who produced Keystone of Philadelphia equipment subsequent to American Electric Tele. Co. until Keystone was acquired by Bell in 1945-46.

On the cradle is a partially torn gold sticker with "EXECUTIVE TELEPHONE PROPERTY OF KEYSTONE TELEPHONE CO. OF PHILADELPHIA".

Has rare original Keystone card dial center with integrated number card under celluloid.

The Subscriber Set has the Keystone logo on front.

Keystone Fiddleback

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Full application-click here To read the complete applications to the United States Patent Office regarding both the telephonic wall set and base-plate for telephone transmitter-arms, please click on the diagram samples. Full application-click here
c. 1902-1910+ Here is a beautiful example of a Keystone Fiddleback. This model, as well as most all phones and phone parts used by Keystone of Philadelphia, was manufactured by American Electric, with Keystone models having specific identifiers. This model has very distinctive markings and lines making it a favorite among Keystone collectors.

There appears to be at least three variations of this model. First, the patent (pictured above) for this model which is dated 1902. Second, in the 1910 catalog, there is an actual production version like the one displayed above. Lastly, I have seen examples where a Keystone dial was integrated into the phone, an update likely performed by the company in order to keep existing equipment in the field and operational en-lieu of becoming obsolete.

NOTE: It took me many years to complete this example. It is all original, having the wood refinished and metal parts painted/nickeled to original type specs. The receiver cap is marked Keystone Philadelphia.