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Shown here are two Keystone tags which are normally found attached to the front of the mag box on a wood wall phone.

Note the difference in the names which is explained above. They are identical other than the font size of "KEYSTONE" and one having "ELECT" stamped into it.

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Keystone Electric Tele Co. Business Letter

Fine example of a business letter dated 1905. Interesting that this was probably the last year this "Keystone" Elec" was operational. Appears to be a business to business letter where Keystone Electric sold product to Peoples M.I. Telo. Co. in Montrose, PA.

NOTE: Spelling of Pittsburg without the "h" at the end.

Click for closer view Unfolded Leather Document Holder

Keystone Telephone Company Leather Document Holder

c. pre-1898 - Related to Keystone Telephone Co. making this item very old (1894-1898). Unknown specific purpose. When folded there is no logo showing. When opened, it displays the logo. Each side has a pocket. Leather is very soft and overall in an extremely nice condition for its age.