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Kansas City Desk Stand (Early)

Kansas City Deskstand

c. 1904ish

Kansas City Desk Stand (Later)

Later Kansas City Deskstand Bakelite Receiver

c. 1905ish - This phone is equipped with Stromberg Carlson's first style bakelite receiver.

Manual Desk Stand Model 986

Manual Desk Stand


Manual Desk Stand Model #986 Transition-Adapted

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This is a common Stromberg Carlson manual model #986 with the addition of an adapter to accommodate a dial. This adapter is part #D-49315 manufactured by American/Auto Electric. Mounting holes were located in order for it to attach to the manual sticks of various manufacturers. Conveniently, it is designed to fit an Auto Electric Mercedes type dial. This would save company's money by allowing manual sets to be in service over a longer period. A great marketing ploy by American/Automatic Electric.

Today, these adapters are difficult to find. From all evidence, dial and adapter were original to this desk stand. page 2