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 All Western Electric telephones displayed from this page on retain original finish, cords and felt/leather base covers.

Western Electric #20S Desk Stand

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c. 1902-1912 - Started life as a #22 - updated to 20B - finally to a 20S. Original Hershey Kiss perch, side screw in shaft. Has a mouthpiece that is opaque and an off yellow color with star in the center. An earlier type number card holder. First style 143 receiver on the curved style "drop hook". I display another "drop hook" on a later model 20PC on the following page. The purpose for this type hook is unclear although they were possible designed and used originally on the early WE 20E models that were equipped with the Blake type transmitters. The 122 type OST receivers would not clear the box with the standard straight receiver hook.

Pair of Western Electric #20T Desk Stands

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Earlier model with solid perch

Later model with drawn perch

c. early model: pre-1912; later model: post-1912 - Here is a pair of Western Electric 20T's Intercom candlesticks, both nickel plated. The earlier model is equipped with a solid perch having a knurled thumb-wheel and the later model with a spun perch. Both have great mouthpieces.

The early model has a 3 piece glass mouthpiece identified around the metal ring as: "THE COMMERCIAL APPLIANCE CO. CHICAGO GERMLESS PAT. APLD." It is manufactured to fit transmitters from various manufacturers. I can see why these are rare, probably were never too popular, as this mouthpiece is most difficult to attach.

The later model 20T is equipped with a multi-colored Western Electric mouthpiece with the star in the center of the grid. It is NOT a reproduction, but one of a couple dozen, none the same, sold by the family of a WE employee who made mouthpieces. According to his family, he experimented with various colors and kept the mouthpieces which were never put up for sale. I obtained this and another of a beautiful shade of dark brown.

Larger View of Internal Patent Dates

NOTE: Early 1st style 143 receiver which replaced the earlier 122 OST receiver. The patent dates are stamped internally. After production of a few subsequent 143 styles, the 143 was eventually replaced with the 144 receiver.

Western Electric #45AT & #20AS Intercom Desk Stand

Western Electric Intercom Desk Stands

Base of each Western Electric Intercom Desk Stands

c.1915-1939 The 8-Button model 45AT c.1912-1916 The 4-Button model #20AS
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Examples of the 8-Button Intercom and 4-Button Intercom. Both types were produced during the same period. Production spanned the painted brass (#20 models) and later steel (#40 models) with Bower Barff matte type finish. Both types are represented here. Both equipped with a 528 diaphragm type receiver.

c.1915-1939 - The 8-Button model 45AT (left) 

c.1912-1916 - The 4-Button model #20AS (right) NOTE: Equipped with a dated Western Electric brass threaded mouthpiece made of early composite. Has "PAT.D FEB 28-1911 - APRIL.4-1911" in raised lettering under the outer edge of rim. (Compare to mouthpiece on 44BG model desk stand, page 3.)


#20PC Desk Stand

click for larger view click for larger view click for detail view Interior of 143 Receiver First Style 143 Receiver 1st Style 143 Receiver fully marked and dated

c. 1912-1916 - The 20PC model is identical to the 20AL (below) other than the PC being nickel plated and the AL is painted black. Equipped with 2nd style 143 receiver having no markings on top with fully marked and dated 143 cap. The Number Card Holder is a model 128D which is larger and made heavier than the standard 128B. Notice the unusual curved "drop hook" to hang the receiver on. There is a black "drop hook" on the 20S model (top of page) with info.

#20AL Desk Stand

c. 1912-1916 - The 20AL is the most common of the WE manual stick phones. This one is much more interesting due to some unusual attributes. It is equipped with a Type 1 Wonderphone transmitter with a quite rare Hubbell sanitary mouthpiece attachment having the original gauze insert. Wonderphone produced lugs to fit perches from various telephone manufacturers. It has a 3rd style 143 style receiver with early dates and marked 508. The 508 receiver was used on railway dispatching telephones with a resistance of 550 ohms.

Note: Base mounted number card holder.

#20AL Railroad Application

#20AL Railroad Application #516 Watchcase Receiver

c. 1912-1916 - High slung switchhook; #516 Watchcase receiver.

#40AL Desk Stand

#40AL Desk Stand 3rd Style 143 Receiver

c. 1915-1939 - Constructed of steel rather than brass, with perfect Bower Barff finish; Equipped with 4th style 143 receiver having later dates (1900, 1901, 1913) at top. Note number card holder with Bower Barff finish matching phone.

Here is a picture of 7 different receivers with misc. marked caps. The center 143 is the 1st style. These represent all I am aware of. If anyone can advise me of 143 receivers with markings other than what is displayed, I would enjoy hearing from you. Since first displaying the group, I obtained and added a receiver as a result of a readers information. Click on the thumbnail above to view the markings clearly.