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Western Electric B1 Old Brass Desk Phone

B1 Old Brass Close-Up of B1 Mount Detail of B1 Old Brass Dial

c. 1929-1930

Western Electric B1 & B3 Statuary Bronze Desk Phones

Larger View Larger View B3 Rear View Closeup of Side View

c. 1929-1930 - Pair of Statuary Bronze B mount's. The one with a dial blank is a B1 and the one with the dial is a B3. It is very difficult to get lighting and photos to show their true colors. The B3 set is mint. The B"3" designated an 8 party line model.

Western Electric B1 Colored Desk Phones

B1 Oxidized Silver and Original Gray Colored Desk Phones

c. 1929-1930 - Left: Original "Oxidized Silver" finish - Right: Original "gray" finish for use in central office applications.

Western Electric D1 / D6 202 Desk Phones

Early #4H dial, factory upgraded D1/D6 202 Desk Phones #4 dial and celluloid 149E party line dial face

c. 1930-1939 - Left: All parts dated early 1930-first year of production for this model. Body made of aluminum. Equipped with an early #4 dial stamped 4/30, has a #4 porcelain dial face having same qualities of the 132 face, but notched prior to firing to accommodate the updated fingerstop mounted inside the dial rather than on the outside. Interesting enough this dial is not a converted #2 dial. Considering it is thought the production of the #4 dials started early 1931, this is unusual.

Right: D6 Party Line. Body made of zinc alloy. All parts dated last of 1937 including the celluloid 149E dial face. This marks the very end of production for the celluloid dial face and the first year of production for the new 302 model desk phone which will replace the D mount.

Early 6 conductor cord

Left: Rear view of D6 with markings.            Right: Earlier 6 conductor cord.

Western Electric D1 Colored Desk Phones

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Starting around 1930, various colored models of the D1 mounts were available in oxidized silver, statuary bronze, antique gold, etc. Those colored D1s that have survived are almost always found with E handsets. Starting in the 1950s, Western reintroduced colored D1 handset mountings to continue public interest for these earlier "dated" models. These new colored "Continentals" sets, all equipped with F handsets, were available in the same colors as the plastic 302 colored sets.

The accompanying subsets were usually painted the same color as the telephone.

Clockwise from the center top: Gray Green, Ivory, Oxidized Silver, Pekin Red, Gold, Rose Pink(?)

Western Electric C1 Hang-Up Handset

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c. 1930's - The "Hang-Up" handset, otherwise known as the "Space Saver" or "Bar Set" was produced as a compact alternative to the 202 desk phone. This C set utilized the E1 handset. The dial was equipped with a "52C" adapter to allow for mounting. There were two later models of this phone. This model is in outstanding condition with a 149B celluloid dial face. Both the inside of the phone body as well as the dial are dated IV 36. All other parts are dated early 1937.

Western Electric E5 208 Key Set

E5 208 Key Set Top View of E5 208 Close-up of 149B Celluloid Dial Face

c. 1936 - Considered to be the rarest of the cradle sets. All parts dated last of 1935 and first of 1936. 149B celluloid dial face.

Western Electric Subset or Ringer Box

c. 1902-1937+ - Below are samples of Western Electric subsets or ringer boxes. All telephones prior to the 302 model (which was introduced in 1937) required additional apparatus is order to function. With the development of the common battery era came subscriber sets/subsets/ringer boxes having no magneto. They were attached to the telephone via cord and mounted under a desk or on the lower wall in close proximity to the phone. They contained the bells, coil, condenser, wiring terminal block with terminals and sometimes a vacuum tube. Displayed here are the 4 most common style WE subsets from approximately 1902 to 1940's.

Click for larger view of subsets

In order, they are (A-far left) Model 295 made of wood. (B) Model 334 of metal. (C) Model 534 of metal. (D-far right) Model 684 of bakelite.

The 295 would have been used with a model 22 candlestick, and the 684 used with the 202 D1 desk phones. All models had numerous variations for different types of service applications. The 3rd type box represents many different models of the 500 and 600 series produced over many years, which all used the same exterior case.

Western Electric 302 Desk Phone

302 Desk Phone 302 Desk Phone alt. view 302 Handsets

c. 1937 - Second Model, First Production Model of the 302. All parts dated 1937. Short ears and buttons, vented, riveted feet. First used in and made for 302's, this early #5 dial has attributes of earlier #4 dial. Also has a 149B celluloid dial face. Note: Both E1 and F1 handset dated 1937. F1 handset has no casting grooves.

Western Electric 302 Desk Phone

302 Desk Phone with Dual Markings, Bell and MFP

c. 1941 - All dated December 1941. Has both Bell Systems and MFP Military markings-rare configuration. I have never seen both markings on the same phone. Could it have been reissued for military use after Pearl Harbor due to urgent military demand? Never was placed into service. Dial blank included, but I installed a #2 dial factory converted to an early #4 dial and again updated in 5-41.

Western Electric 304AC Desk Phone

304AC Desk Phone #5H Dial

c. 1951 - All Dated 1951 - Has #5H dial with 150E porcelain party line dial face. Note that steel gongs and heavy cord indicate phone was produced during WW2 and placed into service post war.

Pair of Western Electric 202 Imperials

202 Imperials

c. 1952 - All Original - Left: Silver finish with Ivory painted F1 handset.  Right: Gold Finish with Ivory colored plastic handset.  The Silver finished Imperial (left) was kept in the prop department at Desilu Studios although never placed into any service.